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View of the admin panel menu options for editing colours.

The instructions for the features associated for this options group are best viewed in the admin panel. You can modify the appearance of your site quite dramatically using the options provided in this options group.

Note that rather than describing each feature, some "pointers" on each section are given instead in this documentation.

Hint: Each colour option has a live preview associated with it, so the "Widgets", "Slider", "Block Buttons", and "Archive Title" sections each have their own separate live preview.

Options List

Content Area

These settings control the main content area for your posts and pages. Read each setting carefully to find out exactly how it will affect your posts or pages.


These settings will affect widgets in the left and right sidebars, as well as footer widget areas. It will not affect custom widget areas added using the Action Hooks Widget Areas feature. Hint: You can always create a text widget, and leave the title area blank. When viewed from the front-end, this type of widget will not have the coloured header bar. This can be useful sometimes for images or displaying banners and advertisements.


The colour options for the slider are self-explanatory.

Block Buttons

Block buttons are used in a few different areas. They are used for the "Read more" link in excerpts and homepage panes, the "View full post" in the slider window, the "Submit Comment" button in the comments reply section.

Modifying the colours in this section will affect all of the buttons mentioned above.

Archive Title

The archive title bar appears on archive pages, such as the Category archive page and Tags archive page.