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The admin menu for Editing Footer Options.

These options group control how the copyright information is displayed in the footer.

Options List

Use Creative Commons licence for content
Checking this option will enable the Creative Commons license in your footer area. It will basically override the "Copyright text (html allowed)" option below.
When this option is enabled, the text "Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence." will be displayed, along with the logo shown in the Admin panel.
Copyright text (html allowed)
This option will allow you to enter your own custom copyright text or notice. You can use HTML tags for this option.
If this field is left empty, the default copyright text will be used.
Note: This option is overridden when the above option "Use Creative Commons licence for content" is enabled.
Hint: If you don't plan on using any copyright info, or if it's in another location, you can use this box for pretty much any custom content you like (banners, ads, links, etc.).
Do not show copyright info
When this option is enabled, it will override both of the options above, and will ultimately NOT display any copyright content.
Do not show the "Return to top" link
Checking this option disables the "Return to Top" link found in the footer.