Footer Widget Display Options

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Displays the options menu for footer widget column settings.

Options List

Number of columns to display
Enter the number of widget columns you would like to display in the footer area.
Note: If you enable the "Enable alternate front page footer widget area" under the Widget Area Options, you will have a secondary setting here to set the number of columns for the front page different from the rest of the site.
Hint: There is no limit to how many columns you can use, anything more than 5 columns will result in an extremely "thin" widgets, unless you increase the container width.
Hint: Let's say you have placed four (4) widgets into your footer area. If you set the columns to "1", each widget will display on it's own line. If you set the columns to "2", they will display as a 2x2 grid. If you set it to "3" columns and placed nine (9) widgets in your footer, they will be displayed in a 3x3 grid.