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What is an article?

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A Graphene Theme Documentation Wiki article, or entry, is a page that has encyclopedic information on it. A well written encyclopedia article identifies a notable encyclopedic topic, summarizes that topic comprehensively, contains references to reliable sources, will have a reading list, and will link to other related topics.

Article title

See Graphene Theme Documentation Wiki:Article titles to learn how we title articles.

Article scope

Each article has a scope, which is what the article covers. The article should contain a readable summary of everything within the scope, given due weight, based on what reliable sources say.

Quality of articles

Articles range greatly in quality, from as high as featured articles to as low as candidates for speedy deletion. Some articles are quite lengthy and rich in content while others are shorter (possibly stubs) or of lesser quality.


"Articles" belong to the main namespace of Graphene Theme Documentation Wiki pages (also called "article namespace" or simply "mainspace").

The main namespace does not include any pages in any of the specified namespaces that are used for particular purposes, such as:

But not all pages in the article namespace are considered to be articles; the most notable exceptions are:

  • the Main Page;
  • thousands of disambiguation pages, which are used to resolve naming conflicts;
  • many millions of redirect pages, including soft redirects, which are used to re-route one page to another page;
  • for wiki-statistical purposes, some extremely short and simple pages are not counted as articles. The criteria have varied over time.

Lists of articles and statistics

Special:AllPages has a list of all Graphene Theme Documentation Wiki articles and Graphene Theme Documentation Wiki:Statistics for statistics on Graphene Theme Documentation Wiki and its growth.

The automatic definition used by the software at Special:Statistics is: any page that is in the article namespace, is not a redirect page and contains at least one wiki link. The statistics software currently has no method of detecting disambiguation pages, however; nor does it disregard stubs (but in any case, many articles tagged as stubs are quite substantial) or stublists (lists templates with little or no content).

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