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Admin options menu for homepage pages. Screenshot shown is using "posts/pages by ID" option.
The homepage panes as displayed on a site's front page

These options group controls the content that are displayed as homepage panes in your site's front page.

NOTE: This feature is only available when using Static Front Page.

Options List

Disable homepage panes
No homepage panes will be displayed on your site's front page.
Type of content to show
Select which type of content to be displayed as the homepage panes.
Latest posts
This option will display your latest posts, regardless of its assigned category.
Latest posts by category
This option will display only the latest posts assigned to the chosen categories.
Posts and/or pages
This option will allow you to enter a comma-separated list of custom post/page IDs to display as the homepage panes.
Number of latest posts to display
Set the maximum number of homepage panes to be displayed.
Available only if Latest posts or Latest posts by category' is chosen above.
Categories to show latest posts from
Only latest posts from categories selected here will be displayed as the homepage panes.
Available only if Latest posts by category is chosen above.
Posts and/or pages to display
Enter a comma-separated list of post or page IDs to be displayed as the homepage panes. Example: 1,13,45,33
Available only if Posts and/or pages is chosen above.