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Graphene Theme version: 1.9
Example of the Infinite Scroll feature automatically loading more posts as the visitors scroll down the page
Example of the Infinite Scroll feature for comments, with click-to-load behaviour.

The Infinite Scroll feature lets the theme automatically pull the next set of posts or comments into view when visitor approaches the bottom of the page.

With this feature, you're likely to be able to retain visitors far better by allowing them to effortlessly access the content of your site. By eliminating pagination for your posts listing, you’re delivering content to your visitors more quickly and seamlessly, eliminating yet another barrier to visitor engagement.

An example of this feature can be seen when you do an image search on Google. As you scroll down the results page, more images from the results are loaded automatically.

Options list

Enable Infinite Scroll
Enables the Infinite Scroll feature.
Click to fetch more items
If enabled, additional posts are not loaded automatically when visitors scroll down the page. Instead, they will have to click a "Fetch more" button to load the next set of posts. This is useful if you have some particularly important content in the site's footer that you want visitors to see.
This option is only available when the "Enable Infinite Scroll" option above is enabled.
Enable Infinite Scroll for comments
Enables the Infinite Scroll feature for comments. Additional comments won't be loaded automatically - visitors need to click on the "Fetch more" button to load more comments. This is intentional because of the location of the comment form. If more comments are loaded automatically, visitors will have to load all comments first before being able to access the comment form.