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This options group contains other miscellaneous options that do not fit in any other options groups.

Options list

Site title options

The default front page site title structure

This feature allows you to customise how the site title appears in your browser's window or tab.

Three tags can be used in defining the site title structures:

  • #site-name - will be replaced by the site's name
  • #site-desc - will be replaced by the site's description
  • #post-title - will be replaced by the title of the current page being viewed
Custom front page site title
Site title structure entered in this field will be reflected on the website's front page
Custom content pages site title
Site title structure entered in this field will be reflected on all the other pages in the site

Favicon options

Favicon is the icon that appears next to a site's title in the browser's window or tab. It is also the icon that appears in the bookmarks list when a page from a site is bookmarked.

Favicon URL
Enter the full URL to the image you'd like to use as the favicon for your site.
The best image format to use for a favicon is 16x16 pixels .ico file. You can also use PNG file, but it may not be supported by some browsers.

WordPress Editor options

Graphene Theme version: 1.6

The theme adds custom styles to the WordPress Editor so that the style of the content in the editor matches closely the style that they will be rendered in on the site's front end. This should help authors to better format and lay out their content without having to preview the post/page everytime.

Disable custom editor styles
Tick this option to disable the custom editor styles. The default WordPress styling will be used instead.