Navigation Menu Display Options

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View of the options page for the Navigation Menu Display Options.

These options group control various aspects of the main navigation menu.

Options List

Dropdown Menu Item Width
Controls the width of the box for each child page in a dropdown menu.
If you find your submenu items are appearing in double lines, you can increase the width of the box to make them appear on a single line.
The navigation menu with description
Disable Description in Header Menu
Select to disable the description area in each menu item in the header menu.
Descriptions for each menu item can be entered via a Custom Menu, or on each Page if you're not using the Custom Menu feature.
Hint: While on your Custom Menu admin page, you might want to click the "Screen Options" tab in the upper right corner of your screen. There, you will find additional options to enable for usage.
Description for default menu "Home" item
Only required if you need a description in the navigation menu and you are not using a Custom Menu.