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The Posts Display options group in the theme's options page.
Shows what each option controls.

These options group allows you to control what additional information is shown for a post.

Options list

Hide Post Author
This option will hide the post author from appearing on posts. The (by author) area.
Post Date Display
Does not display the date.
As an icon (without the year)
Will display the date as a calendar icon with the month and the year.
As an icon (including the year)
Same as above, except also displaying the year below the calendar icon.
As inline text
Displayed as plain text, next to the post author info (by author).
Hint: Prior to Graphene 1.6, using either the Hidden or the As inline text option will result in having a slightly wider content area. This is especially helpful for those using a three-column layout.
Hide Post Categories
This option allows you to hide the list of post category links seen on a post. By default, wordpress displays all categories as links on each post. You may choose to hide these category links.
Hide Post Tags
This option allows you to hide the post tags associated with the post. By default, wordpress will display these tags as clickable links on your posts. You may choose to hide these post tags.
Hide Post Comment Count
This option will hide the post comment count. Note that this option only hides the comment count in a posts listing page, like the front page or an archive page. The comment count will still be displayed on the single post view.
Show Post Author's Gravatar
This option will show the gravatar of the post author on the post.
Show Post Author's Info
Enabling this option will display an "About the Author" section at the bottom of each post while in the single post view. The section added will display the post author's gravatar and a description box.
The description text is the Biographical Info of the author, which can be edited at WP Admin > Users > Your Profile.
Hint: You can enter HTML into the Biographical Info section. This will allow you to add links to your author info box, should you choose to enable this option.