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This options group allows you to customize the text style in various parts of the site.

Options list

Google Webfonts

Font families
Enter the Google Webfonts font family string in this option to have the theme load the font from Google Webfonts. Use the format that is used in the Webfont Loader, one font family per line.
Example: Pontano+Sans::latin,latin-ext
NOTE: the theme simply loads the font files from Google's servers. It does not apply the font to the content, which you will have to do either via the Custom CSS feature or a child theme's stylesheet.

Other Options

The rest of the accepts their corresponding CSS values, as exemplified below:

Option type Sample values
Text font arial, tahoma, georgia, 'Trebuchet MS'
Text size 12px, 12pt, 12em
Line height 12px, 12pt, 12em
Text weight normal, bold, 300, 400, 700
Text style normal, italic, oblique
Text decoration underline, line-through

To learn more about CSS values for text, see CSS Font Properties.