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Social media icons displayed on the theme's top bar.

This group of options allows users to insert social media icons and links to Graphene's top bar area. An icon for the site's RSS feed is added by default to the theme's top bar.

Options list

Hide the top bar
The top bar will not appear. Social media icons will not be shown, nor will the search box if it is located in the top bar.
Open social media links in new window
Social media pages will open in a new window or tab, rather than in the same window.
Drag and drop to rearrange the placements of the icons.
Add Social Media Profile
This option allows you to add new social media icons to the top bar. To do so, select the type of social media to add, fill up the relevant fields, and click the Add this social media profile.
Make sure to click on the Save All Options button to save your changes.
Hint: you can change the order in which the social media icons appear by dragging and dropping the added social media icon blocks.
The type of social media icon to add. There are a number of types included with bundled icons. There is also the Custom type that allows you to add new social media icons that are not in the list.
Title attribute
The text entered here will appear when readers hover their mouse cursor over the social media icon.
The URL to your social media page.
Icon URL
The URL to the icon to be used for the social media. This option is only available for the "Custom" social media type.
As a good practice, never hotlink to the icons where you find them. Instead, save the icons to your computer, and then upload them to your own server via the WordPress Media Gallery.