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Graphene Theme version: 1.8.4
Graphene Theme version: 1.0
The twitter widget shown in the widgets admin panel.

The twitter widget can be found in WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets. It allows you to quickly and easily display your live Twitter feed on your website.

Starting from Graphene 1.5, you can use multiple instances of the Graphene Twitter widget on the same page to show the Twitter feed from different Twitter accounts.

Usage Instructions

Insert the widget into your widget area of choice and configure the settings.

Options List

This will be the title of the widget.
Twitter Username
Enter your twitter username.
Number of tweets to display
Define how many tweets to display.
Note that prior to Graphene 1.6, the tweets will fail to display if the number defined here is greater than the total tweets you have. For example, if you set this value to 5, but you only have tweeted once (e.g. new Twitter account), then the tweet will not be displayed. Either update to the latest version of Graphene, or lower the number of tweets to display, or simply tweet more.
Show followers count
Enable this to show the number of followers of your Twitter account.
Open links in new window
Enable this to force links in your tweets as well as in the Graphene Twitter widget itself to open in new window when clicked.