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The Graphene theme is an open-source project that thrives on community efforts. This page lists several ways to give back to that community.

Give a perfect rating

The higher the rating of a theme, the more people are likely to try it out (even if they don't actually end up using it). This is a quick, easy way to help increase the size of a community. And in open-source projects, the size of the community matters.

Go to the theme's page to give the theme a rating. Note that you must be logged in to WordPress.org in order to rate the theme.

Help other users of the theme

The theme's Support Forum was created so that users of the theme can get help when they need it. However, at times the amount of support requests exceeds our capability to respond to it.

You don't need to be a professional to help out. Most of the time, the questions asked have been resolved by other people at some time. We just need those people to come in and chime in.

Improve this wiki

This wiki is meant to be a comprehensive documentation for the theme, and it has currently been completed. However, documentation for features that are introduced in newer versions of the theme may still be missing. Any volunteers to help with the documentation is much appreciated.

If you wish to help, please see the list of articles needing attention.

Report bugs

If you believe you have discovered a bug, you can report it at the Bug Report section of the theme's Support Forum. Even better, you can submit a patch to fix the bugs.

Get involved with the development

Be a delevoper

If you're a developer, you can help implement features and fix bugs for the theme. A list of features to be implemented and bugs to be fixed is available at the theme's Google Code project page. Make sure you contact the author first before you begin work on any issue. This is to make sure that no one else is working on the same issue at the same time.

Be a white hat hacker

We'd love to have you scrutinise the theme for security holes and vulnerabilites. And if you find any, let us know.

Help test the theme

The theme goes through a testing period before each major update. It is a critical phase to weed out bugs that are introduced during development of new features. The more people we have during the testing period, the lesser the chances of any bugs slipping through, and the better the update will be for the theme's users.

To get involved with the theme's testing, sign yourself up at the theme's Google Groups page. You will then be notified when a new version of the theme is available for testing.

Create or maintain a translation

The theme is currently available in more than 30 languages (including two English locales), which is impressive by any standard. All translations are done by volunteers, and we need help in maintaining these translations and creating new ones. We have prepared a detailed instruction on how to translate the theme.

If you are interested in helping with the theme's translation, sign yourself up at the theme's Google Groups page and contact us to let us know your intention.

Or two. Or more. As with other free open-source projects, we have no official source of financial support, and we depend entirely on community support to keep the project going. Donation is a great way to help offset the project costs (such as hosting fee). It also lets the developers know that their work is being appreciated, and that people want them to continue the efforts.

Donations can be made via Paypal.

Be a Graphene Themes affiliate

Spread the words about our premium themes offering via our affiliates program, and you'll be helping us out financially and get paid doing it.