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This options group controls various elements in the theme's header.

Options list

Use light-coloured header bars
By default, the Top Bar and the Navigation Menu have a black background colour with a light grey hover colour. Enabling this option reverses these colours, giving a light grey Top Bar and Navigation Menu backgrounds with a black hover.
NOTE: For better control of the top bar and navigation menu colours, use the theme's Colours Options.
Link header image to front page
By default, the site title text (within the header image) is linked to your site's front page. Enabling this option will make the entire header image to link to your site's front page instead.
Disable Featured Image replacing header image
If any of your pages or posts has a Featured Image that is greater than or equal to the header image dimension (960 x 198 pixels by default), that Featured Image will replace the header image when the particular page or post is being viewed. Check this to disable that feature.
Use random header image
Graphene Theme version: 1.8.4
Check this to show a random header image on every page load (random image taken from the available default header images).
NOTE: this feature has been removed as of Graphene 1.9, since WordPress itself has provided an option to display random header image in WP Admin > Appearance > Header.
Header image height
Graphene Theme version: 1.7
Specify the height for the header. Defaults to 198px.
Search box location
Select where you would like the WordPress site search box to appear.