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The Widget Area options group in the theme's options page.

This options group allows you to partially control the behaviour of widget areas.

Options list

Enable header widget area
This setting will enable a widget area in the header section of the page. It adds an unstyled widget area to the top-left corner of the header image.
If you choose to enable this option, you will most likely want to style it with your own custom margins, padding, colours, etc.
Hint: Each widget area gets assigned a unique ID. You can use the Firebug add-on for Firefox to determine this unique ID and style it via your child theme's stylesheet or the Custom CSS feature.
Enable alternate front page sidebar widget area
Here you can choose to show a different set of widgets on your home page than the rest of the site.
Simply select this option, and two new widget areas will be created in the WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets page. These new widget areas are called Front Page Sidebar Widget Area and Front Page Sidebar Two Widget Area. Any widgets placed in either of these two new areas will only be displayed on the front page.
Enable alternate front page footer widget area
This setting will create a new widget area, Front Page Footer Widget Area, which will only be displayed on the front page of the website.
Hint: Enabling this option will also open an option to control the number of columns independently for the front page from the rest of the website. You can control this setting in the Footer Widget Display Options.